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  • Ajax

    4 Weeks

  • Cloud Computing

    4 Weeks

  • HTML and CSS

    4 Weeks

  • JavaScript

    4 Weeks

  • JQuery

    4 Weeks

  • MongoDB

    4 Weeks

  • MySQL

    4 weeks

  • php and MySQLi

    4 weeks

  • Shopify

    4 Weeks

  • Web Designing

    4 weeks

Web Development

Be in-house web developer honchos.

  • Logo Designing

    4 Weeks

  • UI/UX

    4 Weeks

Graphic design

Play catch me with design, be in limelight.

  • Content Writing

    4 weeks

  • Digital Marketing

    4 weeks


Produce oven-fresh, crisp content that's bang on target.

  • C

    4 Weeks

  • Java

    4 weeks

  • Python

    4 Weeks


Closest thing to magic that exists in the world.

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How It Works?


What is Internado?

Internado is a platform which provides Internship to students instantly with an ease of working from home.

Why trust Internado?

With Passion, comes creativity. With Creativity, comes oppurtunity. With Oppurtunity, comes Internship. Want internship? Hola! Internado.

And our company will fetch you,

1. Real Time Exposure

Play with ideas and bounce them off other creatives during intense, brain-storming sessions.

2. A Boosted CV !

You don't have to lobby for rewards and recognition, as they automatically roll your way.

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