Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pursue internship in more than one field/discipline?

Yes, you can pursue internship in multiple fields of your choice at any given time, provided that you register for each separately.

Is there any eligibility criteria for the internship?

As of now, we don’t have any eligibility criteria. But depending on your knowledge in a particular you will be assigned work.

Do I need to pay?

Yes, you will have to pay for internship in any of the disciplines listed.

From which company will I get my certification?

You will be provided with a certificate of Internship from Akshat IT Solutions Pvt Ltd (

Do we conduct interviews?

No. Because of the volume of internship applications and the number of people interested in the Internship Program, we don’t have time to meet with people If we decide to schedule an interview with you, we will contact you and ask about your availability.

Is it a work from home internship?

Yes, all the internships provided by Internado are work from home.

How long will be the internship?

Mostly it will be for 1 month. Further it may vary depending on discipline/field chosen.

How do I get a certificate from Internado?

In order to get an Internship Certificate, you must:
●Complete ID Verification, which includes submitting a photo and verified ID.
●Complete all given assignments in the internship.
●Pay the Internship Certificate fee and download the certificate from your Internado account.

What types of projects will I be working on?

Internship projects are based on Company’s needs and requirements, and are assigned to interns with the appropriate skills and interests. All of the internships have an administrative component.

How does work for students?

Complete the registration process, search for suitable internships and apply.

Can international students participate in the Internship Program?

Yes, many international students participate in the Internship Program.

Is it possible to receive academic credit for participating in the Internship Program?

Yes. We provide letters of reference and necessary documentation so that interns may arrange for academic credit through their college.

What is the chance of getting a full-time opportunity after internship?

All hiring decisions are made by organizations, as per their hiring policies.

I cannot find internships related to my field. What do I do next?

Please try searching with multiple key words, for internship requirements might carry more than one keyword. Also, please read the descriptions well in order to understand the profile, for at times the internship designation might not be relevant while the profile is apt. However, if you still fail to find internships related to your field, please drop a mail to and we will address the issue at the earliest.

How can students register on Internado?

Fill in the student registration details and submit. Check the registered email address for an email with activation link. Click on the link and activate your account. Search for internships and apply. Simple!

Who can participate in the Internship Program?

Our Internship Program is open to all students pursuing any degree of in college. Recently graduated students can also apply.